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As I am writing this, my heart is just full of joy. Unfortunately, I fell victim to the biggest scam of the century, as I label it, which is cryptocurrency investment. Over the past five years, I heard numerous stories of how people have amassed wealth from the business and so, I gathered savings to try my luck. I got in contact with one Chinese broker who I entrusted with all my money which was more than $75,000 after he offered me a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, he told me story after story from early May this year to September when he finally cut off communication with me. I nearly lost my mind because nobody including the authorities could help me until I decided to hire a private investigator called GearHead Engineers I got from reddit in October. They took my case and immediately started tracing the scum burg. On Monday morning, I was at the verge of giving up as it was almost a month since I opened the case with the organization. To my surprise, I got an alert from my app that I had received 72,435 USDT. I still can’t believe I went through that nightmare and I thought I could share this with someone else. For any investigation services, contact them via gearhead (@) engineer (.) com.

[Ulla Ulla]
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